Captain Ray can handle your vessel, safely and expertly! 

         We have been around the Captain Business, there are many individuals who "say" they are captains.  Captain Ray is one of the founding members of the "Lake of The Ozarks" Captains Association.. This Organization is recommended and funded by the Lake Ozark Marine Dealers Association. We only allow USCG LICENSED CAPTAINS into our organization. 

     As a matter of fact, ALL, Captain Ray is familiar with twin screws, thrusters, axis and joystick systems. We're very familiar with tight docking situations caused by Lake Ozark dock set-ups. Captain Rays Lake Knowledge gives you with the best skills for your situation.

    When we handle your boat, we telephone conference with you the week beforehand.

    Captain Ray will safety inspect  your vessel beforehand.

    All vessel operation  including docking, tying, speed, direction and anchoring are handled by Captain Ray, I stay with the boat.

INSURANCE - There is no such thing as "CAPTAINS INSURANCE". Insurance companies Insure boat to boat. To cover us we carry an $1,000,000 Umbrella Policy combined with covering your deductable in case of accident.

RATES: OUPV Captains $50/hr  DAY RATE (8 hours) $300


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50 Foot Sundancer                                                                  36 Foot Formula.

‚Äč65 Foot Sundaqncer                                                                      45 Foot FormulaType your paragraph here.