Professional Captains - all Captains are required by law to carry their Maritime Credentials whenever operating a boat for hire. Professional Captains may not operate boats that they own on a Bare Boat Charter.

Captain Ranks vary with experience. -  the most common licenses on Lake of the Ozarks are OUPV (6pack), 50 Ton, 100 Ton and 200 Ton. OUPV's are licensed to carry 6 passengers, Tonnage Captains up to 12 passengers on an UNINSPECTED VESSEL.

If you are Hiring an Individual then they should have a Captains License - a lot of people say they do, sometimes trying to confuse a boating drivers license with a captain's license. You cannot legally Captain a boat for HIRE unless you have a Captain's License.

Inspected Boats - Uninspected Boat and Manufacturers' Placard  on a boat- 

Inspected Boat - Coast Guard has physically preformed an inspection on an individual boat to guarantee it's safety and performance. All commercial vessels such as the Celebration are inspected.

​UnInspected Boat - Any boat designed for recrecation such as a pontoon to a '70 foot Sea Ray, to a 12 ' canoe or go-fast. Tritoons that you rent are uninspected vessel.

Manufacturers Placard - Tells you the amount of people and weight you can safely carry. Captains rules on passengers are over these rules.

As a boat owner or renter, you may operate  any vessel you own or rent at any time, under your  own control..  You are then subject to the Laws of Missouri (BWI, etc). If you hire a Captain, then that Captain is bound by State of Mussouri and all Coast Guard/Maritime rules. 


1) Water Patrol is the main law enforcement agency on the lake.

​2) Enforces State of Missouri Laws


1) Assists the State of Missouri  with law enforcement

2) Enforces Federal and Maritime Laws.